3 Unique Tips to Help You Get Up Early

1. “You” time before getting up

The usual tip is to keep your alarm far away so that when it’s time to get up you’re forced to get out of bed. But, does this habit feel good? If your habit feels horrible it may be hard to keep up.

So how can you spend time in bed without falling back asleep?

Create a two-alarm setup of for yourself.

The first one should be at arm’s reach and will help you wake up and the second one should be away from your bed and is your cue to get out of bed.

Waking yourself up in this way can get give your body some time to gently awaken. You can spend some quiet time in bed or wherever doing something you enjoy, like reading or writing in your journal.


2. Start Your Day with Joy

Advertisements and society influence our focus should be on productivity from the moment we wake up. To do more, faster and efficiently but this isn’t easy getting out of bed hasn’t been working for you in the way you’d like. Find something that you look forward to and enjoy – something that excited you. It could be doing a morning walk to the park or your favorite coffee shop. This will improve your mood and the rest of your day.

3.  What is your “Why?”

Think about a strong reason. Getting up because you “have to” isn’t a deep enough or helpful enough reason to have at the from of your mind. When times get tough, this won’t do it either.

Be clear about what you want to get out of getting up earlier. Do you want to get ahead of your business or class? Improve your health? Get extra time with friends and loved ones? If you don’t come up with a good way to spend your mornings, they will automatically be allocated for sleeping in.

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