St. Patrick Day Folks Should Keep This in Mind for the Weekend

Every year, law enforcement agencies across the country set up checkpoints to spot or prevent people from driving under the influence, and this time of year is coming up in St. Patricks day.

Driving drunk is dangerous for drivers and for others on the road. For those who face DUI convictions, drunken driving can be a huge financial burden. In addition to a fine, potential jail time and loss of income, those convicted of DUI face other costs such as lawyer’s fees and alcohol education classes.

While fines and fees are one-time payments, DUI convictions also come with a recurring financial penalty: increased car insurance premiums. On average, drivers face an increase of $857.53 a year for car insurance after a DUI conviction, and the premium increases can last for years.

Data shows that DUIs, alcohol violations, and alcohol-involved crashes spike on the holiday. And with St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday, the likelihood of people celebrating, partying, and drinking throughout the weekend only increases.


So if you know you’re going to be celebrating this weekend, keep the following in mind:

  1. If you’re travelling a long distance, make the intention to yourself and to those that are with you to take a cab or Uber instead.
  2. If you’re going to be driving make sure that the location you will be at allows overnight parking and agree with fellow friends to stay the night or get a ride from a designated driver.
  3. Make sure that your designated driver, doesn’t drink.
  4. Use public transportation if you are encountering issues with professional drivers.


We wish you a safe and fun holiday!

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