4 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Tidy

Never underestimate the power of a tidy space. It has the ability to influence your mood and even motivation. For those of us who own a car, our car is probably our second home because it is where we find ourselves traveling in the most, thinking in the most and carrying things with us in the most. It’s important that we take time to clear and freshen up the spaces we find ourselves in, including our car! Read on to learn quick and simple ways to tidy up your car.

1. Magic Erasers

The Magic Eraser was invented in 2003 and was made to remove tough stains (such as crayon marks) with ease. Unlike other cleaning products, Magic Erasers contain no harsh soaps or cleaning agents. Use it to tackle stubborn dirt, dust, and grime in your car. It works well on plastic and vinyl surfaces, as well as on leather seats (though you’ll want to work gently on leather!).

2. Wipes

Any kind of wipes are always handy. They only cost a few dollars and having these will keep you ready for any messes ahead, big or small. Spills, stickiness, cupholders and more.

3. Cereal Container Trash Can

Line a plastic cereal container with a grocery bag for a mini-trash can. This will keep your space tidy and is especially useful for long drives.

4. Windshield Helper

That grimy film that forms on the inside of the windshield is one of my pet peeves! This handy microfiber windshield cleaner tool takes care of all that grime that forms inside of the windshield in seconds. It will be especially useful for wiping condensation off the window in the winter.


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