4 Creative Leftover Turkey Recipes

The internet is rolling out with dozens of thanksgiving recipes but what do we do with all the turkey leftovers that seems to happen every time? This is why we’ve decided to do a little research. Here are a few creative leftover turkey recipes to help you continue the feast through the remaining weeks.

1. Leftover Turkey & Rice Soup

Get the recipe here.

2. Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Grilled Cheese

Get the recipe here.

3. Turkey, Mozzarella, And Kale Pesto Paninigallery-1459734890-delish-pesto-panini.jpg

Get the recipe here.

4. Turkey And Veggie Lasagna

Get the recipe here.
I hope this article serves as a good back-up tool to prep the potential turkey leftovers!
Happy Thanksgiving!



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