5 examples of SMS marketing for Insurance in 2020

Are your current Marketing techniques not working as they worked earlier? Have you tried SMS marketing for Insurance?

Marketing on Google AdWords or facebook is expensive.

Email marketing is getting low open rates.

Customers are bombarded with so many marketing messages that they are overwhelmed and

not able to get your message.

SMS marketing for Insurance or messenger marketing is your best bet in today’s environment. In this article, we will discuss why SMS marketing makes sense and how you can use it for your business.

Examples of SMS Marketing for Insurance

  1. Customers love messaging

Messaging is on the rise currently and most of us are using SMS or messaging as a primary method of communication. When you are running late and you have to inform someone about the same what do you do? In most cases, you will send a message.

2. No one is picking up the phone 

I am sure you will agree that marketers have abused phone as a marketing channel. Today no one is picking the phone from an unknown number.

Even if you want to talk to your family or friends its a good idea to send them a message first and check if they are available and then call.

3. High Open rate

Nowadays email has an open rate of 10 – 20% or even less. But messaging is having an open rate of 70%+ in most cases.

Many eCommerce companies are using SMS/messenger marketing in their business and are able to increase sales.

4. Customers are demanding 24/7 service

In today’s world, it is difficult to compete on prices and only way to stand out is by providing exceptional service and convenience to customers.

Customers are demanding 24/7 service and providing them the ability to send an SMS/message to your insurance agency is easiest way to fulfill this need. If customer is sending a message when your agency is closed then you can have some automated responses or chatbot to either resolve their issue or tell them you will respond once you are back.

5. Ease of use

Sending SMS is so easy that people are sending them even when they are driving, which by the way they should not be doing.

But having a mechanism where your customers can interact with your insurance agency via SMS/messaging will make it easier for them to communicate.


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