5 Tax Credits to Maximize Your Tax Refund

See if you qualify for any  of these tax credits in order to boost your tax refund for this years tax season. Here at Uniamerica Insurance, we do taxes and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your maximized tax refund.

The Earned Income Tax Credit

This credit is for people who are working and are earning less than 49,000 dollars a year. There are millions of worker in the U.S. that qualify for this tax credit and many who are seeing there earnings decreasing can qualify for the first time if they are making under the required salary. The amount of money that can be refunded depends on how much you are earning, your age, if you have any qualifying children, and it could be up to 5,751 dollars.

The Child and Dependent Care Credit

This credit is for those who are working or looking for a job and have children under the age of 13 years or if you have a disabled spouse or dependent. This  credit is similar to the child tax credit but the difference is that for the child and dependent care credit you get credit for paying for a babysitter.

The Child Tax Credit

This is probably one of the most famous tax credit because there are many parents out there with qualifying kids. The maximum credit for each qualifying child is 1,000 dollars. You can still claim this credit in addition to the child and dependent care credit.

The Savers Credit

This credit was made for those who are making low to moderate income.You can qualify by having a certain income limit and if you contribute to a work place retirement plan, like the 401k plan. The savers credit can be available for you in addition to any other tax saving credit that  apply for you.

Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses Credit

This credit can apply to you if you have a personal vehicle that is for business and if your insured employer is not paying for the gas you can get a refund depending on how much you spend on gas a year.
There are many other tax saving credits available for you, depending on your circumstances. So remember to come into our office in Wilmington to do your taxes. Thank you for reading this article!

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