5 Tips for New Small Business Owners

By implementing these 5 tips, restaurant owners can futureproof and foster a deeper connection to their customers, one of the most important aspects of sustaining and growing a small restaurant business.

1. Stay Consistent

If there’s one thing that every single restaurant owner should take to heart when trying to run a strong business, it’s the idea of consistency. No matter how charming your restaurant may be in relation to others providing consistency will ultimately determine your success over time. Show consistency through food quality standards, customer experience, and recoveries.

2. The Administrative Side

As the owner, it’s your job to keep the ship on course or hire a crew you can rely on. For everything else that has nothing to do with food service (e.g., finances, HR, payroll, accounting, etc.), owners have to run a tight ship. It is your responsibility to take on these administrative duties or to surround yourself with people that will help you.

4. Embrace your critics

Whether you love it or hate it, the internet plays an important part in acquiring new customers. Many feel that dealing with online review aggregators like Yelp can feel unfair or a waste of time, but there’s too much you can lose by ignoring them.

When someone leaves a review for your restaurant, acknowledge that person – good or bad. Especially if the review was left in a place where users can see your engagement with reviewers, this shows you care about improving the customer experience.

5. Establish your online presence

Every restaurant needs to establish a consistent, online presence. This means claiming every single business profile you can on social media, Google My Business, review aggregator sites and other local driven directories.

Since many new customers will visit your website before first before sitting down for a meal, not having the most current information on the website can lead to a potentially inconsistent experience.


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