5 Top Online Legal Services for Small Business

There are so many legal services available for small businesses, and the best part, as that you can find them online and receive their services all online. Each has its own structure, pricing, and features. Uniamerica Insurance continues to commit to assisting you step by step, with all things Insurance and everything in between!


LegalZoom is one of the biggest and best-known online legal services. It includes a library of available legal forms such as wills and trusts.

Attorney access does require a six-month or 12-month subscription. You will receive unlimited 30-minute consultations (provided that each consultation is for a new issue) with a lawyer in your state. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a great choice for businesses that require ongoing legal needs. While individual forms and legal consultations are available on an as-needed basis, a monthly membership is your best bet. It includes unlimited document access and unlimited 30-minute attorney consultations on different issues.


UpCounsel is matches clients with carefully vetted local attorneys. Whether you need a single document filed or ongoing legal counsel, you just fill out a short form explaining your needs. You will receive bids from an average of three attorneys who are experienced in the relevant area of the law. They come at a flat or hourly rate fee and are generally lower than in-person rates.


Nolo is a great choice for DIY legal documents. From starting an LLC in your state to hiring a consultant, you can purchase forms for nearly any legal situation you can imagine. It also contains a free legal articles to help you research your situation. The lawyer referral section of the site leads to a list of attorneys in your area who handle your issue. But the the site is not a replacement for a relationships with a lawyer.


LegalMatch is another marketplace that will match you with a vetted attorney in your area. A major advantage of the site is that you can choose an attorney’s desired experience level. So the lower the experience level the cheaper the rate, and so on. You’ll receive an instant cost estimate when you fill out your request form then receive detailed proposals from attorneys.

Pepare yourself in starting or running your small business by receiving legal assistance and business insurance.

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