5 Ways to Save Money on Energy This Summer

As energy bills can go through the roof in the summers, rising temperatures don’t mean your costs need to also rise. In fact, there are ways to quickly cut down on spending by at least 25 percent without braving the sweltering heat, says Gary Wollenhaupt, founder of ProudGreenHome.com, a site for making homes more energy efficient.

Here are seven ways you can keep your home cool without overspending.

1. Avoid Humidity

showerhead illustrated

Get rid of excess moisture in the air by using range hoods when cooking. Take shorter, colder showers with the bathroom fan running.

2. Get Smart

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Next-gen “smart” thermostats automatically adjust to weather and learn your living patterns. They will also go into “away” mode when sensors don’t pick up movement during the day.

3. Be A Fan

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A fan can evaporate perspiration from the skin, it is just as effective as AC. Install a ceiling fan to draw out hot air.

4. Go Dark

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You can keep shades and curtains drawn during the hottest times of the day (between noon and 4 p.m.) to keep the room cool.

5. Put Down Roots

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Plant trees outside the sunniest spots in your home, this is a natural way to reduce heat indoors, says Wollenhaupt. Choose trees that are native to the area to reduce maintenance.

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