Snowboarding for the first time? Here are some tips to prepare

It’s snowboarding season and we thought we’d share some nice tips on how to get you prepared if it’s your first time. Please be sure to check sites for COVID-19 restrictions.

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Dress up for the occasion

You can start with a base layer of wicking clothing, it’ll help keep you cool and release the moisture of sweat so it doesn’t make you colder. You’ll also want waterproof pants and a jacket to protect against the snow when you aren’t on your board.

Use mittens

Mittens are also key for staying warm and dry. Make sure you buy mittens with thick insulation to insure your hands are dry. Gloves can be a better option if you’ll be more active and if it’s not too cold for you!

Find your lead foot

Most snowboards are reversible you can put your front foot whichever side feels best for you.

One way to figure out your lead foot is to pretend like you are kicking a soccer ball, which foot sticks out without thinking? The foot you plant to the ground is the one you want in front as your driving foot.

Go on weekdays

Weekdays are less busier than weekends, especially if you find yourself on a bunny hill. Go during the weekday and you won’t have to worry about bumping into people.

Take lessons

Whether you’ve skied before or this is your first time on a board, lessons are tremendously helpful in brushing up on any new skill. This could ease your anxiety and anxiety of others around you 😉

Rent before you buy

Learn the ins and outs and get familiar with skiing before you invest in it. Snowboarding equipment includes board, boots, bindings, helmet and goggle. You can rent them from $20 to $40 a day depending on the resort.

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