6 Quick Tips to Declutter Your Space

With COVID-19 quarantine slowing things up, home is where we’d most likely be now a days and with that comes a lot of time, and time to…. clean. Or should we say: spring clean? This can be the perfect time for those wishing to declutter, especially if they’re prone to hoarding. Well, if you’re one of them, worry no more, because we’ve rounded up a few easy tips to get you started with decluttering.

1. Start Slow 

Don’t go through your home and throw everything at once. This may lead to strong feelings of regret and anxiety; rather, go through one small space or collection each week. Whatever pace feels best for you

2. Handle Objects Only Once 

By dealing with an object once, you curb the tendency to put something aside “for now.” This is a system inspired by management consultant David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done.” Take the time to make a decision about an item now so you don’t have to handle it, again and again, each time you decide to get organized.

3. Scale Down Collections 

If you’re a collector of any sort, a good tip is to choose to save one or two of any of the items you’ve collected and toss the rest. Try framing or displaying one item from a collection so it’s special and donate or recycle the rest.

Parents: For your children’s artwork and collections, have them choose two or three pieces of artwork. You can store them in their yearbook or baby book or display them on a wall. 

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4. Put It in a Box 

If are indecisive about keeping or tossing an item, put it in a box for 6 months. If you don’t open the box before then, you can let it go without regret. This is a great idea for people who hoard items like magazines, travel toiletries, and newspaper clippings.

5. Toss Unused Items 

This goes mainly for books or tools that do not go in use. Owning a book about gardening does not make you a person who gardens. Resist the urge to buy tokens of a new hobby until you are actively participating in that hobby.

6. Consider Consignment 

If donating isn’t a good option for you, think seriously about consignment. This way you’re getting some money back for the item.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

A consignment is a type of business arrangement in which a business, also referred to as a “consignee”, agrees to pay a seller, or consignor, for merchandise after the item sells. Examples of consignments are second-hand stores and online stores like Amazon and e-Bay. The business accepts items for sale and agrees to pay the seller a percentage of the proceeds if and when the goods do sell.

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