6 Techniques To Fight Anxiety

Here are some tips and techniques on how to fight anxiety. Put these tips into practice and your mood will improve making you a happier and more relaxed person.

Take Deep Breathes

This is the most recommend solution to decrease anxiety. When you take deep breathes it activates the body’s relaxation response. Deep breathing also helps the immune system because it helps tissues regenerate and heal which creates more energy for the body to heal and detoxify. All it takes is a few seconds out of your time to take a couple deep breathes to start feeling less anxious. If you have more time to spare try meditating for about 10-30 minutes a day and take deep breathes and you will start to find that you are becoming less anxious.


Exercising is an excellent way to fight anxiety. You can lift weights, do cardio, and/or yoga. These all can take your mind off of whatever is making you anxious and can help create peace of mind. Making exercise a part of your life can also benefit you by helping you lose weight, build muscle and gain endurance. If  this sounds too hard to do, start first with just stretching. Stretching can help with relaxation and can take off any stress that you have. Going for walks are also recommended because they serve as a great time to gather your thoughts, blow off some steam and burn calories.

Stay Entertained

Do whatever keeps you busy and happy. For example dancing is a great way to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. Dancing also helps improve the condition of your heart and lungs, strengthens your bones and helps you lose weight. Listen to your favorite song, music  can keep you entertained and reduce anxiety. Music also helps with your sleep. If none of this works just write down what you are feeling. Write down what cause you to feel that way and how can you fix it. Writing down your emotions can help relax you and can be very therapeutic.


Talk to your friends and see if they can help you out with whatever is making you anxious. Talking with friends can also make you happier and can take stress of your mind. If you have a dog cuddle with it I guarantee you will feel better. Watch funny movies and TV shows, laughing is crucial for happiness and can increase blood flow and you immune system. Start planning your vacation or road trip, travelling is an awesome way to get too know new people , eat new foods, dance and enjoy life.

Eat And Drink…

Eat chocolate it can calm nerves and increase happiness. Dark chocolate on the other hand regulates the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes metabolism. Eating gum can lower cortisol levels and after a few minutes it can reduce your anxiety. Eating some almonds aren’t only healthy but they can reduce your anxiety levels. Drinking warm milk reduces anxiety because it increases your levels of serotonin which will make you happier. Drinking plenty of water can contribute to improving your mood as well as hydrating your body.

Don’t Worry About The Future

Quit obsessing on what might occur in the future. Focus on right  now, tomorrow’s problems will solve themselves. If there is something bad happening in your life, focusing on the present moment will improve your ability to manage the problem. Remember to try all of the above methods to reduce your anxiety. Using positive self talk will improve you mood and your ability to handle bad situations. Negative thoughts and words will only produce more anxiety.
Thank you for reading I hope this article will help you if you have anxiety. There are tons of ways to reduce anxiety so quit worrying. Seek help from friends and family, talk to your doctor about any medications that are right for you. Remember that drugs and alcohol will only worsen your situation.
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