7 Easy Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Uniamerica Insurance aims to keep our clients and readers informed, not just on all things insurance, but with other ways they can save. If you’re planning on traveling anytime soon or later, take a look at some of our tips.

1. Travel out of season

The travel industry hikes up prices during school holidays so avoid traveling during times like these. You can also research the best time to visit your intended destination and travel before or after these dates; this is called “shoulder season.” You’ll still have a great trip, it just won’t be as hot or crowded as it usually might be.

2. Be accommodation-savvy 

Book hostel rooms instead of hotel suites. There are other great alternatives to accommodation such as AirBnB and Couchsurfing, where you can book a spare room in a local’s house or apartment. You can even do a work-trade program, there are dozens of them available online.

Don’t forget to reach out to family and friends!

3. Book flights in Advance

Book your return flights in advance as well. Airlines release their flights up to a yea in a advance and so the close you get to your departure date, the more expensive flights become.

4. Fly Smart

Opt to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Midweek travel prices are lower as a premium is added to weekend flights and you’ll breeze through shorter queues at airport check-in desks and security. Also, stick to economy, there’s no need for Business class, this will help you save.

5. Embrace public transport

Buses and trains are cheaper than planes. A journey on an overnight train also mean you have one less night in a hostel to pay for.

6. Cook more

Enjoy lunch bought in a supermarket. The experience of eating out is valuable as well, but it can be even more special, and unique having home-cooked meals at home whether by yourself or with friends. If you do feel for eating out more than usual, ‘shop’ around first and don’t just pick the first nice-looking restaurant you come across. Hostels and spare rooms also let you have access to a kitchen if you’d rather take that route.

7. Earn while you travel

Working holidays are a brilliant way to afford to spend several months of the year (or more) living the travel dream. Teach lessons of any hobby you may be good at or personal skill such a language. You could also do remote freelance work depending on the industry you’re already in.

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