A New Spike of COVID-19 Cases Los Angeles County

According to the Los Angeles Times, L.A County health officials reported 2,571 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, the third day in the last week that the county has reported more than 2,000 infections. 

This is unique because cases reported on Mondays are typically lower because of limited testing on weekends and a lag in reporting. The county also announced an additional 18 COVID-19 deaths.

According to L.A County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, it is “highly likely” that the surge is connected to mass protests that have been ongoing for recent weeks because of George Floyd’s death. It’s impossible to currently pinpoint the origin of the spread because the contact tracers do not track cases that stem from public settings.

According to Ferrer, restaurant settings and parties may also be linked to the new spike in cases.

It has been long expected for cases to rise as months-long restrictions have been lifted and still are. And as of now, there are no plans to slow reopening efforts in the county, officials said.

So continue practicing social distance and don’t forget your mask on your way out if you must! Stay safe and take care.

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