Do You Need Business Interruption Insurance?

Most people would never consider opening a business without first purchasing property insurance. It covers repair and replacement costs due to a peril. But few ever think about how they would keep their business running if they were raced to temporarily close. Business income (interruption) coverage also known as business income coverage (BI), can help with operating expenses during the period of restoration, and includes:

  1. Lost net income (based on financial records)
  2. Mortgage, rent and lease payments
  3. Loan payments
  4. Taxes
  5. Employee payroll

Business income (interruption) insurance does not cover

  • Broken items resulting from a covered event or loss (such as glass)
  • Flood or earthquake damage, which are covered by a separate policy
  • Undocumented income that’s not listed on your business’ financial records
  • Utilities
  • Pandemics, viruses, or communicable diseases (such as COVID-19)

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