Do you own a start-up? You should consider the following business insurance coverages

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The following are coverages that can protect your start-up depending your industry.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, will protect your business from negligence claims that come as a result of mistakes and/or failure to perform.

Since every industry has its own insurance concerns, you will most likely receive a more customized version of your liability policy.

Property insurance

If your startup owns its own workspace or leases the property, property insurance is a must. Property insurance will cover:

  • Company Owned Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Furniture
  • Property Damage

Workers compensation insurance

As soon as your business has hired its first employee, you’ll want to get insured for workers compensation, which will cover your business for medical treatments, disability and death benefits in the case that one of your employees is injured or dies as a result of working for your business.

Commercial auto insurance

If you or any of your employees use a vehicle for company purposes, then commercial auto insurance should be added to your list of insurance policies. Vehicle insurance will help to protect your company against liability should an accident happen and you or your employees are found to be at fault.

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Business interruption insurance

This insurance policy will protect your company from lost income if a disaster occurs and prevents your company from being able to work in your office, manufacture products or make sales calls.

Business interruption insurance can even protect you from potential lawsuits due to your inability to complete work, which could save your business a huge financial loss.

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