Filing insurance claim for your business

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If you’re adequately insured, you can recover from events that have interrupted your business and can keep it operating. Follow the steps below to file your claim so you can get your business back on track quickly.

  1. Contact your insurer as soon as possible – Your insurer will help respond to your loss and filing your claim. If damage is extensive, your insurer may send an adjuster to inspect the property.
  2. Contact the police if necessary – If your business loss is due to a crime, you should make a police report and obtain a copy of it.
  3. Review your insurance policy – Your policy may specify steps that you need to take when an insurable loss occurs.
  4. Prepare an inventory – Prepare an inventory of damaged or destroyed items and give a copy to your adjuster along with copies of any receipts.
  5. Provide proof of loss – You’ll be asked to send a signed, sworn proof of loss containing the information requested to investigate the claim. This must be done within 60 days after the initial insurer request.
  6. Be ready for the adjuster – If your insurer sends an adjuster, be prepared to have them inspect property and examine books and records.
  7. Document damage to your property – Identify damage to your building and other structures and make a list of everything you want to show the adjuster, for example, cracks in the walls or missing roof tiles. You may want to consider taking photos or video of the damage.
  8. Make temporary repairs if needed – Take reasonable steps to protect your property from further damage—provided the area is safe to access. Save receipts for what you spend so you can submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement—and remember that payments for temporary repairs are part of the total settlement.
  9. Get at least two Bids for repairs – Repairs or replacements should be bid competitively in order to provide options and hold down costs.
  10. Stay organized – Keep copies of all the documents you submit to your insurance company, as well as any paperwork you’re provided with. Keep a record of all names and phone numbers of everyone you are in contact with during the claims filing process.

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