Flying Out This Summer? Learn about Baggage Coverage Insurance

Most travelers might assume that the airline they’ll be traveling with will reimburse them if their baggage is permanently lost or destroyed in flight. But the airlines actually assert strong limits on their liability for lost or damaged checked luggage.  First, it can take weeks for an airline to admit that a bag is irretrievably lost. Next, each carrier has a long list of items they won’t cover at all – even if the loss was their fault. Learn more about this particular type of travel insurance, called baggage coverage insurance.

What does Baggage/Personal Effects cover?

This coverage provides replacement value (up to certain limits) for baggage that is lost, stolen, or destroyed during your trip, not just on the flight.

Important notes about this coverage

  • This benefit is considered secondary to what is provided by a common carrier, such as an airline.
  • Airline reimbursement for baggage is extremely limited and varies from carrier to carrier. It can take many days (even weeks) before an airline will determine a bag is irretrievably lost.
  • The airlines will depreciate the value of your clothing and other items whereas travel insurance baggage coverage provides replacement cost (including the bag).
  • The airlines have long lists of items they will not cover if lost, stolen, or destroyed – even if the loss was their fault.
  • Each travel insurance policy will have a maximum payout and usually a per-item limit.
  • Items over a certain cost (usually $150) must be accompanied by the original receipt.

Homeowners policy

In some cases, expensive items such as jewelry, furs, laptops, cameras and sports equipment can be scheduled on your homeowners policy. Consider checking with your homeowner’s insurance provider for options. The coverage would be subject to your homeowner’s deductible and coverage, of course, but it might be the best way for a traveler to avoid expensive losses.


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