Fun and Creative Ways to Spend With Your Family During COVID-19 Quarantine

With the COVID-19 quarantine taking place currently and it being a possibility that it will remain this way for a couple of months, here is a short series of brief lists that you and your family members can look into and make things funner and lighter at home!

Games and Activities

    1. Pull out any not-yet-used holiday gifts and get the kids to play.
    2. Play “jump the river”
    3. Make a timeline
    4. Read a good book
    5. Join Audible and listen to books together
    6. Have an indoor campout
    7. Start some indoor seed plantings
    8. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
    9. Build an outside fort
    10. Build a blanket fort or tent
    11. Hand-Clapping games like Miss Mary Mack, Double Double, and Tic-Tac-Toe
    12. Hide something sweet and create a Treasure Map for the kids to follow



    1. Disinfect the house as a team and play some music
    2. Put on your “Bob the Builder” caps
    3. Encourage and help your kids re-do their rooms
    4. Make a new play space by cleaning part of your attic or basement
    5. Clean out your junk drawer(s) together and find family treasures
    6. Wash the windows (your kids will love using the spray bottle)
    7. Alphabetize your books
    8. Match your socks, and then have a sock fight
    9. Clean out your closet and collect too-small clothes to donate
    10. Find household stuff you no longer need and give it away on your local Freecycle
    11. Make a paradise for your pets! Clean out your fish tank / hamster cage / bird cage etc.
    12. Get yourself some free “new” clothes: Sew rips / patch your jeans / sew on missing buttons



  1. Plan your next birthday party (theme, place, cake, decorations)
  2. Plan an any-occasion or no-occasion party
  3. Plan for summer camp (things to remember, and look up on the top of this page under our “Classes and Camps” menu)
  4. Plan a dream vacation
  5. Plan a month of educational theme days (themes like nature, sports, music, robots, Hamilton, or whatever)
  6. Plan your day-by-day pandemic menu
  7. Plan something to make each day
  8. Plan your family’s fire escape plan and have a fire drill
  9. Plan a garden
  10. Plan for higher education: High school kids can research colleges and scholarships, and brainstorm college essays



    1. The complete list of KOAA kid-friendly recipes and food tips
    2. ANY Cooking. Or baking.
    3. Create a Family Cook Book
    4. Invent a new recipe
    5. Make an old family recipe
    6. Have a feast
    7. Create a cookbook based on your favorite story/book
    8. Meal plan for a full week
    9. Choose recipes from different countries and fix a different recipe for each course or for each day


Science Experiments at Home*

  1. Experiments from San Francisco’s Exploratorium: “Science Snacks” in…
    1. Astronomy
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Earth Science
    5. Engineering
    6. Environmental
    7. Perception
    8. Physics


Arts & Crafts

    1. Make puppets
    2. Make a game (tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess set)
    3. Paint family portraits
    4. Create a family playlist on Spotify
    5. Make necklaces and bracelets using beads or even pasta
    6. Write poems, limericks, and haiku
    7. Write a song
    8. Print out your photos and make a scrapbook
    9. Make a map to your favorite place
    10. Make a comic strip or book
    11. Decorate a pair of plain white sneakers or old shirt
    12. Make a dream catcher

Take care of yourself and others around you!

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