Fun DIY Halloween Office Decor Ideas

Get your employees in the spirit by adding some Halloween spirit into the workplace. Whether you’re decorating a small space or giving the entire office a spooky makeover, these handmade Halloween decorations provide a creative flair that’s sure to get everyone in the Halloween mood.

Giant Yarn Spider Web

If you think the traditional cotton spider webs are messy or possibly a bit boring for the office, then try making a giant yarn spider web instead. All you need is some yarn, tape and a pair of scissors. Choose a yarn shade that seems appropriate for Halloween, such as black, purple, and gray or orange. Make an X with two strands of the same length and secure them to the wall with tape. Then tape a vertical strand from the floor to the ceiling that intersects with the center of the X. Create a few more intersecting strands so the shape resembles the skeleton of a spider web. Finally, make the web rings. It’s not important to be precise; simply take a large strand of yarn and tie knots attaching to the crisscrossed lines to make the rest of the web shape.

Full Moon Bats

This fun but simple Halloween decoration requires only a paper lantern, black construction paper, glue, a bat template, scissors and a pencil. It’s so easy to make for the office. Simply choose a bat shape, print out the template and use it as stencil to make around 10 bats. Cut out the bats, adhere them to the lantern and hang the full moon from the ceiling.

Balloon Pumpkins

Looking for a Halloween decoration that everyone in your office can enjoy? It’s easy to make each person a treat-filled, balloon jack-o-lantern. Fill orange balloons with Halloween candy and inflate the balloons. The candy allows the pumpkin balloons to stand on top of an office desk or breakroom table and not roll away. Inflate and tie the balloon, and draw on a jack-o-lantern face with a black marker pen. Make your balloon pumpkin cute or spooky. The choice is yours.

Scary Pumpkin Door Decorations

Convert any door into a scary jack-o-lantern. For this office decoration, you need orange crepe paper, black construction paper, scissors, masking tape and a pencil. First, cover the entire door with the orange crepe paper. This doesn’t need to be precise; it looks best with some random diagonal strips. Next, draw and cut out a jagged smiling mouth, two spooky eyes and a nose, and tape each piece to the center of the door to make a face.

Creepy Floating Heads

For this creepy Halloween craft, you need a printed picture of someone’s head on an all-white background — consider using yourself or your colleagues from the office. You also need a sealing glass jar and green food coloring. Print the photo on glossy photo paper, and be sure it’s the right size so it fits inside the jar. Put the photo into the jar so it’s at the back of the jar. Fill the jar with water and just a few drops of green food coloring. You can also add bits of twine or craft moss to create a creepier texture.

Glass Jar Lights

Up-cycle some canning jars to create Halloween glass jar lights. You need small battery powered lights, paint and a marker pen. Paint the articles anyway you wish. You can paint some of them white and draw a ghost face with a Sharpie®, or paint them orange and make jack-o-lantern faces. Once the jars are decorated, simply turn on and insert the LED lights, and secure the jar lid for a glowing festive lantern for the office.


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