Help! We Need A Name For Our Uniamerica Mascot

So you ask yourselves why did we choose a big world costume to represent Uniamerica. Well the reason is simple, here at Uniamerica we help clients that are from all different parts of the world, such as America, Central America and South America. That is why we call ourselves Uniamerica because of all of the loyal clients we get that come into our office. The question is why did we chose the world? Not only because the children love it, especially when we participated at the Wilmington Christmas Parade kids came up and hugged our mascot, But the world represents that we can serve anybody who comes into our office with a smile and respect. So please all of you, if you give us a name we will take it in consideration. For the person who gave us the best name will win two, yes I said two movie tickets to your local AMC Theaters. So come give us a hand!
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