How Does Professional Liability Insurance Help Different Types of Professionals Specifically?

On our previous post, we talked about the different ways that Professional Liability Insurance can protect your business. In this article, we will go over how Professional Liability can particularly help the following professionals: IT Professionals, Health Professionals, Accountants, Architects, Real Estate Agents, and Consultants.

IT Professionals

Financial protection for lawsuits over software liability, data breaches, and tech errors

Health Professionals

Financial protection for malpractice lawsuits


Financial protection for accounting errors, data entry errors, miscalculations, and lost documentation


Financial protection for over-budget projects, delays, and problems with materials

Real Estate Agents

Financial protection for disclosure errors, failure to close, and mismanagement


Financial protection for lawsuits over inaccurate projections and ineffective advice

Financial Advisors/ Services

Financial protections for lawsuits for a clients’ financial loss regardless of who’s at fault.
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