How Employers Can Support Employees During Covid-19 and the Social Distress of Floyd’s Death

The U.S and worldwide have taken a stand against racial injustice, sparked by George Floyd’s death to a Minneapolis Police Officer. With the COVID-19 Shelter in Place keeping us all at home and keeping us focused with the issue, Uniamerica Insurance has found some good tips on how companies can support employees in the midst of Covid-19 and social tensions.

Serilda Summers-Mcgee is a principal and chief human resources officer at consulting firm Workplace Change and she has some advice for business owners and executives looking to support employees during this time.

Summers-Mcgee outlined three areas for leaders to support their employees in this time:

1. If your company has an Employee Assistance Programs, remind employees how to access those programs. If you can, purchase programs such as mental health, grief or trauma counseling. “This is a major mental health crisis, especially black people are having,” she said.

2. As a leader, employees don’t want staff meetings that are a facilitated crying session. Instead, people want to hear what leaders are doing in their capacity to acknowledge their role, even unintentionally, in the system. “People want to hear what are you doing to do to stop this from being the existence of our black brothers and sisters,” she said.

3. To take conversations with employees on these topics even deeper, once you have educated yourself, consider bringing in a professional therapist or some other professional. “No one should be having these conversations without a professional. Otherwise they can implode,” she said. This followup conversation is where leaders can share what they learned and how that will translate to action in the company for social justice, equity and inclusion.


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