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Get insured with Uniamerica Insurance. Uniamerica Insurance has been protecting mobile homes like yours for over 25 years. We’re with you, every step of the way!

Not only is it legally required to have the state minimum for liability but motorhomes have characteristics of a vehicle and a home, so you’ll want to make sure you’re thoroughly covered.

When you look into RV insurance, one of our agents will ask simple basic questions on you, your RV and RV usage.

Recreational vs. Full-timer’s

RV insurance is understood in two categories: recreational and full-timer’s. Your RV is recreational if you aren’t living in your RV most of the time but will cover your RV inside and out while on the road or at a campsite.

You’re considered a full-timer if your motorhome or travel trailer is your primary residence.

Damages to your RV

Comprehensive and collision: Comprehensive protects your RV in the case theft, vandalism, windshield damage, acts of nature, rocks and debris kicked up by other vehicles, and accidents/impact with animals. A deductible applies.

Damages/injuries you cause

Bodily injury liability

Protects you and other insured drivers if one of you injures or kills someone in a covered accident you’re legally liable for it

Damages to your RV and injuries from uninsured drivers

Uninsured/underinsured property damage and bodily injury If your motorhome is hit and damaged by an uninsured driver or a driver who doesn’t have enough to cover the damage they’ve caused, this will cover it.

Your injuries

Medical payments coverage
Covers necessary medical bills if you, your family members or your passengers get injured in an accident. 

Personal injury protection coverage (PIP)
If you, your family members or your passengers are in an accident, this takes care of reasonable and necessary medical, rehab or funeral expenses. Additionally, it will cover work loss, survivors’ loss and essential services like household maintenance.

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