Road Trip to Mexico This Summer? You Will Legally Need to Purchase a Mexican Auto Policy

For most Californians, Mexico is a favorite quick and easy get-away for any occasion, but especially in the summer! But before you go on that road trip you should know a few things.

Mexican law requires that you purchase a Mexican auto tourist policy to drive legally in the country. Well no need to worry, UniAmerica Insurance can help you find affordable insurance in Mexico. Mexican auto policies provide coverage for liability, roadside assistance, property damage, theft, and more.

We will need to know the following details from you:

  • When and where you’ll be traveling in Mexico
  • What type of vehicle you need insured
  • How long you’ll be in Mexico

All policies are insured by highly rated Mexican insurance companies, like Grupo Nacional Provincial and El Aguila Compañía de Seguros, and are issued by a fully-licensed U.S. Insurance Broker, International Insurance Group, Inc. who successfully issues over 100,000 Mexico auto policies each year.

Coverage is also available for your watercraft in Mexico.

You can get your sail boat, power boat, yacht, or personal watercraft covered.


 Let help you with Mexican auto insurance today!

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