Smart Productive Phrases to Help You Close New Business

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EnMast is a service of Anchor Advisors, Ltd., a Chicago small business consulting firm that empowers business owners to take control of and grow their businesses.

We’d love to share some of their awesome tips in helping you increase business, regardless of your industry. The following phrases are a few good ideas for your to keep in mind!

“Tell me more”

This will help you gather more details of what your client needs:

  • Do I have the skills/resources to help solve this unique problem?
  • What obstacles is the client currently facing?
  • Is this problem something I have helped someone with in the past?

While the client elaborates on the issue, this is when you should be taking notes and actively thinking about how you can help.

Bonus: It shows interest, and demonstrates a willingness to create a custom solution. Everyone feels like their problem is new and different—so let them explain why.

“What is your process for decision making?”

This will help you gauge how much the client has thought the problem and potential solutions. It will let you know what tactics they’ve been trying out so you can pull out better ones.

If the client isn’t sure how to answer, this is your moment to propose a few suggestions. Propose some plans of action and show that you have a clear path in mind.

“What’s your plan B?”

You want to know what the client’s second option is—especially if it’s not working together with you. This will help you identify their plan b process and identify threats for them now, that can also be threats for them in the future.

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