Summer is Here! Foremost Insurance Offers New Competitive Pricing & Eligibility for Your RV

Planning for some sun and greenery filled fun in your RV? Get a free online RV insurance quote from Uniamerica Insurance. Uniamerica Insurance has been protecting RV’s and other travel vehicles like yours for over 25 years. We’re with you, every step of the way!

Foremost Insurance are currently expanding eligibility and lowering premiums for RV owners seeking to save money on their insurance.

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Here are a few major offers happening now for you to take advantage of:

Expanded Eligibility

Foremost is expanding eligibility for those who rent out their RVs! This includes you if you occasionally rent out their RVs for peer-to-peer rental or on rental platforms such as Outdoorsy.

Lower Premiums

There are now new competitive price points, especially for Class B and C Motor Homes, bumper-pull Travel Trailers, and Pop-ups. There are even deductible options up to $5,000 to choose from!

Comprehensive Personal Liability

Personal Liability coverage is now available, unlike most other insurance companies. It is designed for people who use their Motor Home or Travel Trailer 6 or more months a year or as a primary residence.

Additional Living Expense

Provides coverage for increased living expenses, temporary housing, and travel expenses in the event of a covered Collision or Other Than Collision Loss. (Available if Comprehensive Personal Liability is purchased.) (Available if Comprehensive Personal Liability is purchased.)


A 12-Pay payment plan is now available for RV policies, allowing your you more flexibility. Note that Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is required on all 12-Pay policies.

Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses permanently on wheels may also be acceptable in Foremost’s program with approval from Underwriting!

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