Heidy Cisneros

I came to the United States because of a ticket drawing in a shopping center in my native city Cali – Valle in Colombia. I was the winner of the travel package including hotel and airlines tickets to New York. I initially came with the idea to tour this country and return to my country in 3 months. It has now been 28 years of living in the US.

My experience in Colombia was in sales and advertising. In the 1990s the Insurance and Travel industry was booming and I would sell up to 20 insurance policies a day and sold $15,000 daily in airplane tickets. After three months of working for CEA Travel and Insurance Agency, I was promoted to Office Manager so I started working in Wilmington California on February 1, 1991. Then in 1994, after achieving much success I opened my own Insurance and travel agency on PCH and Avalon. The owner of CEA supported me with my new venture and even helped me to make a lease agreement for three years and lend me the furniture and office equipment.

After three years in that location, I started to look for a different building to better meet the needs of my clients and I discovered our current location and have been here for 20 years. Having a business for this long has not always been easy. I have learned how to deal with the pressure and struggles, such as working through the 2008 recession and balancing the needs of my family as a single mother and business owner.

My strength is in listening to and educating my clients. Because I can understand their needs, we retain a very high percentage of my clients. We have more than 2500 clients and our top sources are referrals, and walk-ins. We pride ourselves in not charging abusive broker fees and putting into action our slogan “Step by Step with You.” We communicate closely with clients about their policies, reinstatement’s renewals in case of accidents, and how to work directly with their insurance company. 

In September 2018, I was accepted into a small busines program for owners to learn how to achieve even higher levels of success. My goal is in five years to strengthen our foundation and started providing services to new industries. I want to open more agencies around the area to help our community and other small business owners.

We work with honesty to provide the best service, best coverage, and best prices.