The 3 Main Ways To Stay Healthy

Today’s topic is going to be about your health and well being. Our Body fat percentage tells us how much fat weight we have in our body; the lower it is the healthier. Anything above 25% body fat is overweight, the majority is between 21-25 percent. It is very important to have your body fat in between 17-20 percent in order to be considered healthy. So for most of us all we have to do is lose 5-10 pounds of fat to be considered healthy. How do we do that, well that’s why we are going to go over some healthy habits like exercise and diet.


Start with exercising if you have the time. Lifting weights burns fat and can build muscle, endurance, and resistance depending on the amount of reps you do. Cardio burns calories and fat. Jogging is a great way to target your stubborn body fat. The best way to lower your body fat percentage is to do intervals and or Hiit cardio which stands for High intensity interval cardio. It is short intense workouts with little rest. Hiit cardio burns fat after you are finished with the workout and makes you burn double the calories compared to only jogging.

Drink More Water

thumbnail-3Drinking more water enables you to lose weight, flush out toxins, and it helps with your digestion. Drinking cold water also burns calories by itself. Replacing soda, juice, alcohol with water is a simple way to start burning fat because of the unneeded calories you got rid of. Drinking plenty of water can also make you eat less because if you drink enough to feel full you wont want to eat more unwanted calories. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day but you are always welcome to drink more.


thumbnail-2Eating less is just the beginning in order to lose body fat. Now remember that losing weight and losing fat are two totally different things. For example losing weight can consist of water, muscle and some fat, while losing body fat is targeting just fat while keeping the muscle. That is why everyone who talks about nutrition does not recommend starving your self because half the weight you are losing is muscle. So back to the diet, reduce starchy carbs. Carbs are what bloat you up because of all the water that is produced from eating too much carbs. Eat 5-6 healthy meals a day that consist of protein and vegetables. Increasing your vegetable intake is crucial for body fat reduction, because they are packed with maximum nutrients with minimal calories. Eat lots of fiber to use the restroom frequently and eliminate junk food so you can get rid of those extra few pounds of fat.
There you have it these are the 3 main focus points to lose fat. Exercising and dieting is how you are going to get your beach body for the summer. Follow these steps in order to achieve a healthy body fat percentage.
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