Uniamerica at Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Last weekend (April 15-17, 2016) was a fun time for us. But don’t get us wrong, it was stressful at first. Being new to exhibiting huge events, we felt like packing up our trinkets and game prizes would take forever. We didn’t know what to expect. All we knew was that it was going to be a giant event and that we’d have our own booth.
We were short-staffed with people that could help us set up on Thursday (April 14) so it was just Jocelyn (Receptionist) and I. We packed up over 300 give-away bags and off we went. We were confused with where to find our spot and a bit intimidated at the whole commotion that was going on at the entrances of the booth center. We were both pretty sure we might’ve passed by a few celebrities but we were too busy and antsy on getting things set up.
We got a pretty nice spot. We were stationed right next to the Toyota car booth. Our first day was incredibly busy! We literally had lines of people eager to play, and of course most of them were dragged down parents by their kids that just kept wanting to play. Our mini wheel of fortune allows anybody to spin it to either win a small or a “big prize” or a “thanks for participating” gift. People loved it.
(  ^ excuse the blurry image quality, this was taken by cellphone…we forgot to take our camera)

We are glad that we took this brave and big leap into introducing ourselves to the Long Beach community and we are excited to do the same for our future campaigns!
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