What You’ll Need to Buy Mexican Car Insurance

If you’re traveling to Mexico, it is highly recommended you look into temporary Mexican car insurance, because most of the time, your current U.S car insurance coverage may not cover you while you’re there.

However your current car insurance provider may be able to assist you with finding a company authorized to sell insurance in Mexico. They may even have a relationship with a Mexican auto insurance carrier, which can make getting your policy relatively easy.
When attempting to buy international car insurance:

  • You’ll need a photocopy of the current registration of any vehicle you plan to insure.
  • The following information is typically requested:
    • The year, make, and model of your car.
    • Your license plate number.
    • Your driver’s license number.
    • Your VIN number.
    • Your coverage details (e.g., if you have comprehensive and collision coverage).
    • Your leasing information (if applicable).
    • Whether you’ll be towing anything (e.g., a car or boat) and, if so, what you’ll be towing.
    • The dates you’ll be staying in Mexico and the reason for your visit.
    • Whether any drivers under 21 years old will be driving the vehicle.
    • Where you’ll be staying and traveling in Mexico.

NOTE: If you want to drive a financed, leased, or borrowed vehicle into Mexico, you will need a notarized document from the lien holder, owner of the borrowed vehicle, or leasing company authorizing you to enter Mexico with that vehicle.

For more information on Mexican car insurance, get in touch with one of our agents at UniAmerica Insurance by calling us 310-835-3373 or contact us on our website.

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