Your Insurance Agency Should Establish These 5 Objectives

According to a talk at an  Insurance Nerds Day conference last year, there was big talk on specific objectives that insurance agencies should take up on  for success. Here are 5 objectives that your insurance agency should consider for this year:


Objective #1: Routine Work and Development of Agency Culture

Don’t forget to have fun!  Celebrate when things go well within the agency, whether it is hitting a specific goal or a milestone for an individual or an agency.  Schedule a night out. Share your passion with your staff. If you have passion, they will too!

Objective #2: Forever Recruiting

Don’t wait until you have an open position to start recruiting for hire.  Not only does this cause a delay in the hiring process but reduces the odds of finding the right person. A Forever Recruiting approach keeps the door open for discussions with numerous people that may be fits in the future. When the need arises, you have a whole group of people to choose for the right fit.

Objective #3: Consistent Meetings

Most agencies that we work with have the intent to meet on a weekly or monthly basis but many of them tell me it doesn’t happen for one reason or another. Being consistent is committing to running this meeting 52 times a year. It shouldn’t matter that it is is summertime, the holidays, people are on vacation or even that the principal/manager is out.  Stay consistent!

Objective #4: Strong Centralized Leadership

A strong leader sets the mission and vision of the agency.  They are working on identifying customer experience and investigating technology.  Their Immutable Laws  are: Accountability, Execution, and Innovation.

Objective #5: Feedback Loop

Creating a culture of performance can only be done when there is positive and constructive feedback that goes both ways.  Team members want structure; they will perform their best when they are given feedback and structure and are held accountable.


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