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abril 11, 2017

If you are looking for a new boat, lets say a yacht; then you are most likely going to have to go shopping for boat insurance. A boat is a very important investment right? So why not invest in protecting it. Don’t risk the value of your boat, it is important for you to have the appropriate coverage to keep you safe as well as your passengers and those boating around you and their passengers if you ever get in an accident.

What Is Boat Insurance?


Yacht/Boat Insurance covers the loss or damage of a boat. Boat insurance covers most water crafts with motors including fishing boats, pontoon boats, paddle boats, boat leisure crafts and yachts. Boat insurance does not cover canoes, kayaks, or personal water crafts. For the smaller water crafts you may find limited coverage under your homeowner’s policy. Boat insurance can cover boats on and off of water. It is important to include comprehensive and collision on your boat’s policy in order to be protected from fire, theft, vandalism, animal damage, and also be protected if you were crash your boat, then your insurance would pay for all your repairs. Your boat insurance should have comprehensive and collision, property damage and bodily injury. Additional coverage options include medical payments, fishing equipment, oil spills, personal property, roads side assistance as well as under-insured and uninsured motorists.


How Does Boat Insurance Comes Into Play In An Accident?

If you are at fault because you hit another boat, depending on the coverage that you have, your insurance will cover the other driver’s medical bills and his passenger’s medical bills. Your insurance will also cover the property damage for the other boat. If you get hit and it is not your fault, assuming that the other driver has insurance, you will be covered for all you expenses including your medical bills and your boat. If the driver of the boat that hit you is under insured or uninsured, your under insured/uninsured motorist coverage would cover for your own expenses. This is why it is very important to add under insured/uninsured motorist coverage in your policy; in order to be protected just in case you get hit and the other driver cannot pay for you own expenses. You are also able to raise your liability coverage for your under insured/uninsured motorist to fit your needs

What Is The Cost Of Boat Insurance?

The cost of boat insurance varies depending on the state, size, type, size of motor, if the boat is going to be driven on open seas or inland water and whether you want to race your boat or not. If you wanted to add any additional coverage options that would also make the premium go up. Typically, the price of  boat insurance can range from 75-500 dollars per year according to google. But my best guess is that it is more likely to be more expensive than 500 a year. You will have to find out on your own by getting a free quote with us here at Uniamerica.

Is Boat Insurance Required?

240_F_140717134_hjwD9e38C5BM91TqZdEJha6ikXZgOLuvThe answer is yes if you own a boat or are planning on buying one. The state of California requires you to have boat insurance if you have a boat. If you are loaning money to buy a boat then you will also be required to have insurance for your boat. If you want to dock your boat in a Marina, you will be required to have insurance for your boat as well.

How Much Liability Do I Need?

The amount of boat insurance you have depends on the type of boat you have. Our recommendation would be to have at least 1 million in liability and even more if you own a larger, faster more powerful boat that can cause more damage. For your under insured/ uninsured motorist coverage the minimum is 10,000 in liability insurance. However you will need to have as much as your boat needs for it’s expenses and you will also want medical payments coverage to pay for your own medical bills if you were to get in an accident.

Things That Your Boat Insurance Will Cover


  • Your boat insurance will cover a blown engine only if it was caused by manufacture defect
  • If you hit a rock you will be covered if you are paying for comprehensive and collision
  • To be covered by a hurricane you will have to talk to your agent about storm damage coverage for your watercraft
  • If your boat gets stolen then your comprehensive coverage, would replace your boat except for any valuables or possessions in the watercraft unless you paid for personal property insurance. You will need a lockable cabin in order to qualify for content coverage
  • The amount of compensation you receive for a claim depends on your deductible. If you get in an accident and it was your fault and you have collision coverage you insurance would pay for your boat’s repairs, after you pay 2,000 which is your deductible



Try bundling with one insurance carrier to save 30-50 percent on your boat insurance policy. You can also get discounts for not using your boat year round. If you have taken a boating safety course you qualify for a discount. If you boat in fresh water instead of salt water you will get a discount. There are also good driver discounts for those of you who have clean boating records.


Here at Uniamerica it is our job to make our insurance life easy. We believe that we can give you the lowest rates, the best coverage, along with excellent service. Other top companies can’t provide you with a wide variety of carriers in order to find the best price. So if you are looking for boat insurance you came to the right place. We will make sure that you will be fully satisfied with your quote and with a positive attitude we will provide solutions to any problems you have and answer any questions. Thank you for choosing UniAmerica. Have an excellent day!
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